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Welcome to your ‘drastic’ to ‘fantastic’ journey!

–  where you get to free yourself from the constraints of the ‘to-do’ list, from those endless expectations and the exhaustion, the pressure, the tension, the impact on your health, the rarely being happy and rarely having a sense of peace.  Perhaps feeling rather ’drastic’?

Headache at work

You’ve come to the right place, if you are unwilling to settle for a frazzled, stressed life where so rarely you get a moment for ‘you’, and where the light at the end of the tunnel has been blinking and sometimes rarely even glows.

You have come to the right place:-  if you have decided that you don’t want the way you have been living and the way you’ve been feeling to be the story of the rest of your life.

You have come to the right place if you do not want to stay living your life with every stressful moment impacting your health, happiness and effectiveness and you know you want to feel ‘fantastic’ again!

If you are like me:-

You want MORE out of your life.   You want, fun, laughter, energy, feeling vibrant and ready for anything.  You want to feel that life has meaning, love and that you have the health, wellbeing and peace of mind to have it all.


To wake up in the morning feeling delighted and ready for anything that your day has in store.

To have solid confidence in yourself – doubts and anxieties being of the past.

To be taking care for yourself easily every day.

To feel loved, respected and valued – for just being YOU.

To love your life  …  ALWAYS.

Holding it all together, and settling for ‘…it’ll have to do’, or ‘ ….just good enough’ – you know is not what your life was meant to be about!

You KNOW that if you can just get control – of the negative self talk in your head, the doubts, the second guessing, the moments of near panic when you feel you just can’t get it all done, when you feel like you’re a bad friend, partner, wife, mother, daughter or sister, employee or boss – because you just have too much to do, or you feel you haven’t done it as you know you could .. all will be good.  Like the peace after a large storm. 

It is not just what every woman wants - it is what everyone needs peace, time to stop and stare, time to breathe, time to reflect, time to just be.

It is not just what every woman wants – it is what everyone needs peace, time to stop and stare, time to breathe, time to reflect, time to just be.

You KNOW that if you can just get control those negative habits of thinking that you wouldn’t fall off the rails and gorge yourself on those sweet cakes, and biscuits and feel even worse after,




or go on another shopping spree to make you feel better – but it doesn’t.

Shopping series - sitting

You KNOW that when you ARE the real you, the one in control, taking care or your health, liking yourself, able to listen and happy to spend a moment with your child, your partner, your family … your life will feel soooo good!


You see I know that all will be well and your life will transform, just like I’ve said.  And the reason I know, is because I have been transforming my own life over the past 20 years and many other women’s lives too.

What happens around us – we may not have control over.  We certainly have control over our every thought, action and reaction.  As we learn to take control, to kick out those pointless beliefs about ourselves that we’ve repeated again and again over the years, as we learn to take charge of our own thinking – everything begins to change.  We do, our health does, our effectiveness does, our relationships do – and believe me, your life really begins to change and keep on changing for the better.

But first you have to take action, and you may need a little help.  That’s where I come in to help you on your road from ‘drastic’ to ‘fantastic!’

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